A little more about me & what I do.

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m a mom of two, a wife of one and a sister to many. California raised, Michigan born and University of New Mexico University graduate.

Are you looking for an experienced & creative problem solver?

I have been working as a freelance Association Management Executive for over 8 years, sometimes while simultaneously working other full-time or part-time jobs.

I like to stay busy, and am a master multi-tasker. I like the granular details of a project and thrive on timelines, data management and organization.

I enjoy working with others, but I’m also dependable when given a separate task to dive into. Because I can be both a team collaborator or an independent asset, I’m a good fit for all kinds of organizations & projects.

I’m skilled at the following:

Planning events

Keeping an eye on the budget (or creating one)

Vendor management & contracting

Managing projects, big & small

Operational direction and mission metrics

Communications, both internal & external messaging

What you can hire me for:

  • Manage your organization’s website & social media content, assist with newsletter distribution
  • Grow your messaging- what is your mission, and is it being clearly communicated to your stakeholders?
  • Plan, budget and execute any type of professional event; this includes Board meetings, educational conferences, and social events
  • Day-of help for events, from CME coordinating to check-in services & speaker management
  • Clean, organize, and maintain your membership database
  • Respond to emails on behalf of your Board; help triage requests, grow professional relationships with partner organizations, or just be a friendly point of contact for your members to interface with your organization
  • Scheduling- from setting up appointments to managing larger, more complicated scheduling needs, I have many years of experience with a variety of scheduling structures both simple & complex

I’m not daunted by learning new things or throwing my attention into projects that need some help getting across the finish line– in general, you can hire me to assist with pretty much any professional need for small to mid-range sized non profits or businesses

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